Salmon Giles have positioned themselves to assist organisations meet the challenges confronting them as they move into the 21st century.

Our key services are:

Performance management

Organisations today need to measure performance to increase productivity and job satisfaction. Salmon Giles will work with you to design and implement total computer based systems covering:

Organisational Change

The challenges of the new millennium will be vast. Only those organisations that are quality and service focused will survive. Salmon Giles can assess where you are at the moment against international benchmarks, facilitate the development of a change strategy and help in its implementation throughout the organisation. Measuring the results and translating these to the bottom line are mandatory activities. Case studies can highlight staggering successes.


What do our customers think of us? How do our employees feel about our leadership and our future direction? Is this employee the best person to fill the current vacancy?

Without answers to these questions, companies will flounder. Salmon Giles can design surveys and research your customers and your employees and provide detailed statistical analyses of the results. Our psychologists can conduct brief or in-depth testing of individuals and report on their capacity to handle particular positions.

Salmon Giles also provides assessment in the areas of employee attitudes, organisation climate surveys and customer satisfaction surveys.

Outplacement Counselling

Our services in this very sensitive area are specifically tailored to meet individual client organisation needs and target the level of the employee involved. The services have been developed and modified over time by our psychologists, who have many years experience in outplacement counselling.

What we offer in all cases includes:

We can offer group sessions lasting from 1 to 3 days and individual assistance covering up to 6 month's guidance and help.